Your predictions for 2023

The Hustle readers’ top 2023 predictions.

We asked you all to share predictions for next year, and we’re sharing some of the most interesting responses below. (Note: There were a lot of takes about Elon Musk and Twitter, so perhaps the most obvious prediction for 2023 is that he will continue to dominate our conversations.)

Your predictions for 2023
  • “Some companies are going to use the recession as an excuse to cut benefits and inspire a fear to quit in their employees.” (Abril, Argentina)
  • “The SaaS industry reaches its plateau. There will be less adoption and more focus on cybersecurity. There will be [hundreds] more cybersecurity companies emerging, making managed security providers more valuable.” (Ryan, St. John’s)
  • “The used car market is going to crash thanks to Carvana’s bankruptcy.” (Ariah, Cooperstown, NY)
  • “Companies will continue to make budget cuts and will cut to a skeleton staff. This means overall growth as well as development will slow down and even come to a halt for some companies.” (Keith, Monroe, NC)
  • “With organizations tightening their budgets, those that have been insistent about a full return to on-site work will finally realize they can cut a lot of costs by doing away with so much office space. A better bottom line and a more satisfied workforce can co-exist.” (Christine, Woodbury, MN)
  • “A recession will be worse than any of the experts are predicting.” (Ken, Atlanta, GA)
  • “Proof of aliens will be undeniable. Some event will force governments to admit they knew all along. Aliens will warn us that unless we change, we will face self-destruction.” (Jeff, Oshawa, Ontario)
  • “The tech industry will feel musky on its road to progress in 2023.” (Deepa, New Delhi, India)
  • “Given the negative effects of blue light on sleep, the addictive nature of social media, and the increased preference of experiences over things, there will be a ground swell movement of “non-addictive” apps, no-tech trackers, games, and in-person experiences that will see more exponential growth in 2023 and beyond.” (Marc, Kennett Square, PA)
  • “By December 2023, our global “Best of” articles will be authored by ChatGPT.” (Adam, Kelowna, British Columbia)
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