20 cringeworthy AIM screen names of successful, white collar professionals

If you're ever feeling hopeless, remember that “BALLCRUSHER69” is now a Product Manager.

October 15, 2017

We asked our readers to reveal their AIM screen names (and their current job titles) as a sweet send off to our glorious middle school refuge, and proof that life gets better.

Now we’re we’re counting down our top 20 submissions. You’re welcome:

20. Jordan “pinkpisces05” F. — Influence Marketing Manager

19. Eric “Ej2kool” M. — Builds financial software

18. Brian “EatinPeaches247” S. — Business Development Specialist

17. Alexis “Sweettruffle22” D. — Social Media Specialist

16. Nick “XxRoboSlayerxX” B. — Electrical engineer

15. Ashley “festisha412orgy” (because she loved the band Orgy) S. — Senior Marketing Manager for a Fortune 500 company

14. Zach “lickthelollipop” G. — Business Psychologist

13. Trisha “CASHinApig” K. — Corporate Communications Specialist

12. Bree’Anna “hotmamasexii13” A. — Ad Operations Specialist

11. Alon “SkaterPunkAss420” S. — Business owner

10. Carley “0x0_raver_baby_0x0” C. — Account Executive

9. Leroy “blueboy1818” F. — Banker

8. Phung “ohoneyoopshit” V. — Head of Marketing

7. Megan “munkis_rok” G. — Digital Marketing Specialist

6. Jacqui “Nitemareslayer23” M. — New Product Introduction Support at HP

5. Ben “Foxyxgrandpa” D. — Research Associate

4. Nick “DorkusMalorkus” K. — Software Engineer

3. Zachary “BALLCRUSHER69” S. — Product Manager

2. Alise “PAME1005” (Princess + Angel = Me 100%) S. — Insurance Market Analyst

1. Anthony “FrostedDragon182” S. — Business Development Manager

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