CNNgo is CNN’s answer to Netflix

CNN is shifting gears to reach to ‘cord-nevers’ with long-form original productions that are free to anyone, whether or not they have a cable subscription.

Back in 2014, CNN did what every other network did and launched a streaming platform called CNNgo to give viewers access to live and on-demand shows.

CNNgo is CNN’s answer to Netflix

But, since a cable subscription was required to watch, cord cutters have been fully ignored. Which doesn’t really make sense, does it?

You build a streaming platform so people can consume your content outside the living room, but the young people most likely to do that can’t actually access it because they don’t have cable. Hmm.

Might explain CNN’s sudden shift in strategy…

According to Variety, the company is “shifting gears to expand CNNgo’s reach to ‘cord-nevers’ with longer-form original productions that are free to anyone, whether or not they have a cable or satellite TV subscription.”

In other words, CNN is going full Netflix — offering a standalone app full of exclusive content. Heck, they even have their own version of “Black Mirror” called “Mostly Human.”

The goal: Secure a better position in today’s ultra-competitive streaming landscape, where people watch what they want, when they want and — most importantly in CNN’s case — get much of their news from social networks.

Casey Neistat’s potential landing spot?

In November, CNN paid $25m to acquire the YouTube star’s app, Beme. But make no mistake — the company was mainly interested in Casey himself.

Why? Because millennials think he’s cool. No seriously, CNN’s president Jeff Zucker learned about Neistat through his 16-year-old son who called him “the only person who matters in media.”

Since the acquisition, all we’ve heard is that Casey will host a live daily news show on YouTube starting in March. Perhaps CNN will decide to have it live on CNNgo?

If the show’s a hit, you’d have viewers visiting the app on a consistent, daily basis (the show goes live at 5pm), giving CNN a unique advantage over the likes of Netflix and

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