Holy front-facing camera: Instagram is reportedly worth $100B

According to new reports, Instagram is now worth close to $100B, giving Facebook a much needed shoulder to lean on as their growth stagnates among younger users.

Selfie-enthusiasts deserve some corporate gift baskets. New data, reported by Bloomberg Intelligence, estimates that Instagram is now worth over $100B.

Holy front-facing camera: Instagram is reportedly worth $100B

And of course, to the acquirer go the spoils: People are hailing Facebook’s purchase of the millennial must-have back in 2012 as “genius,” and this new valuation makes it a 100-fold return for Marky Zuck and the Funky ‘Book.

*Scrolls through stories from @cats_of_instagram*

Sorry, where were we…  Oh yeah, Facebook bought Instagram for $1B a year before Evan Spiegel publicly rebuffed the company’s offer to buy Snapchat for $3B.

Since then, Instagram has completely delivered on Facebook’s investment, surpassing 1B monthly active users this month, and on track to exceed 2B within the next 5 years, according to Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Jitendra Waral. 

And how are Snap’s investors faring? Let’s just say, a face filter’s not gonna fix that mess.

Portrait mode is the hero Facebook needs

As Facebook’s user growth stagnates among younger demographics, Instagram continues to flourish with US teens — and we all know advertisers love teens… er, wait

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eMarketer recently estimated that Instagram now accounts for nearly 30% of Facebook’s net mobile ad revenue, with potential to grow to 40% by 2020 — and it could account for close to 16% of Facebook’s total revenue over the next year.

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