Behavioral science firm Mind Gym is going public at a $192m valuation

Learning and development company, Mind Gym, announced their plans to go public, and the timing couldn’t be better.

The corporate office culture development company, Mind Gym, announced plans on Monday for a $192m listing on London’s junior Aim market.

Behavioral science firm Mind Gym is going public at a $192m valuation

According to the Financial Times, the company said the IPO will raise around $67m for selling shareholders, and was a positive step in its plans to grow and diversify.

Mind Gym not Mindfreak

Not to be confused with Criss Angel’s place of pump (opportunity definitely missed), the London-based company offers classes that look to promote better office culture by teaching employees how to work in healthier and more productive ways.

We repeat: there are absolutely no classes that teach someone how to jump through a wood chipper and live to tell the tale.

Topics include performance management, diversity training, employee engagement, and most recently harassment, which has led to the company’s newest product, appropriately titled “Respect.” 

Needless to say, the past 12 months have been busy for them

According to the company, the growth of the #MeToo movement inspired about half its existing clients to approach Mind Gym to help them with their company culture.

They group works with corporate big boys like Unilever, GlaxoSmithKline, and Microsoft, and their revenue spiked 17% YoY, with a 25% jump in operating profits.

We would also be remiss not to mention that the name of Mind Gym’s co-founder is Octavius Black, which sounds suspiciously like an alias Criss Angel would use… just sayin.

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