Startups are raking in cash this week and the future is now

Thanks to a strong investment economy, startups with plans to disrupt everything from restaurant work to sleep are flush with recently raised cash.

There have been enough startup funding rounds in the past week to make your head spin. So, to save you the headache, we sorted through the heap to bring you the cream of the cash-flush crop.

Startups are raking in cash this week and the future is now

Here are some of the companies that raised money in the past few days and have big plans to change the game:

AaaS is the new SaaS, says AI startup, which provides AI-as-a-service for enterprise clients, raised $35m to expand. uses companies’ data to build custom AI solutions and then charges monthly subscription fees for the finished application.

Dreem raises $35m to put you to sleep with a smart headband

Dreem, a French neurotechnology startup, monitors brain waves and uses auditory stimulation to encourage quicker, deeper sleep. So if NyQuil doesn’t cut it — maybe biofeedback and neuromodulation will do the trick.

Pared thinks it can help restaurant staff work reasonable hours

Pared raised $10m to expand its platform, which helps overworked restaurant workers select on-demand shifts at different restaurants in one app — essentially, transforming line cooks into freelancers. 

Which sounds cooler: Operations consulting or ‘process mining’?

Celonis, a German enterprise operations (AKA, “process mining”) startup that helps companies streamline their IT, just raised a $50m Series B at a cool $1B valuation. The biz grew 5,000% in the past 4 years by focusing on iterative tech improvements — and sweet buzzwords.

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