With a new e-commerce ticketing feature, Snapchat copies its own copycat

After accusing Instagram of copying its stories for users, Snapchat is now shamelessly copying the ’Grams e-commerce functionality.


With a new e-commerce ticketing feature, Snapchat copies its own copycat

Snapchat announced a partnership with SeatGeek to allow in-app ticket-buying — an e-commerce feature that eerily resembles Instagram’s, a rival Snap has often accused of plagiarism. 

Snap’s been toying with new features for months to address declining revenue — but this new direct sales option is the sharpest departure from Snap’s anti-ad philosophy yet.

“Kudos… but…” — Instagram

Snapchat, the first social company to feature temporary videos, was peeved when Instagram rolled out a direct ripoff of its story function — but Instagram showed no remorse.

“Kudos to Snapchat for being the first to Stories, but it’s a format and it’s going to be adopted widely,” said Kevin Weil, Instagram’s VP of product.

At least they were polite about it…

Nothing in social media is certain but ads and hacks-es

After swiping Snapchat’s signature feature, Instagram added features to enable sales. Snap resisted these e-commerce features to prioritize creativity over commerce — you know, for the love of the Snap.

But after falling $30m short of revenue goals last year, Snap’s Captain Spiegel was ready to invite SeatGeek over for a nice steak dinner. 

Snap has since rolled out in-app features to sell everything from Jordans to concert seats to copy Instagram — which still snaps up twice as many in-app purchases as the ’Chat. 

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