Walmart’s decision to get rid of greeters is a blow to disabled employees

After Walmart decided to eliminate its signature greeters, the disabled community has decided to fight back.

Earlier this week, Walmart announced it will be saying goodbye to its signature “people greeters” — those lovely, affable folks in blue vests who are perennially stationed at the entrance of stores.

Walmart’s decision to get rid of greeters is a blow to disabled employees

Greeters will be phased into a new role — “customer host” — that will require physical tasks (like lifting 25-lb. packages, climbing ladders, and standing for long periods of time) in addition to welcoming duties…

Thing is, some current greeters can’t do these things

A sizeable portion of Walmart greeters are disabled — and thus “unqualified” to perform the duties of the customer host role.

For years, Walmart has championed its inclusive hiring policies, and its perfect score of 100 on the Disability Equality Index, a rating system measuring the inclusion practices.

But many Walmart greeters, like Adam Catlin, who has cerebral palsy and is legally blind, have been left in a state of uncertainty amid the recent news.

There’s likely going to be a swift response here

According to USA Today, the job change has prompted no less than 3 complaints to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. A federal lawsuit has also been filed under the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Walmart, for its part, has already offered associates with physical disabilities a “60-day transition period” and has promised to try to find a “customized solution” for each disabled employee.

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