A great kebab costume, POTUS is a dreadful job, and more newsy numbers

Plus: The last Netflix DVDs and ice cream in spaghetti form.

~30m: cups of “spaghettieis” sold in Germany each year. Invented by Dario Fontanella, the dessert uses a spaetzle maker to turn ice cream into pasta-like strands; it’s then topped with a fruit sauce and white chocolate to resemble marinara and parmesan.

kebab and bowl of pasta with POTUS giving speech

10: extra DVDs Netflix will send to its DVD-by-mail subscribers before it shutters the service after 25 years. Subscribers must opt in by Aug. 29 to receive 10 movies selected from their queue a month later. All discs must be returned by Oct. 27, though.

$11.9k: what Adil Asim, owner of a Canadian restaurant chain, paid for an incredible costume auctioned off by the Alberta government. It looks like a giant donair— a Canadian street food mashup of a Greek gyro and a Turkish doner kebab — and was originally bought for a never-aired anti-drug PSA in 2015.

36%: the share of Americans who approve of President Biden’s handling of the economy, according to the latest AP-NORC poll. The Biden team is winning on many key economic numbers — inflation down to 3.2%, unemployment at 3.5%, and per Axios, ~80% of S&P 500 companies beat forecasted earnings last quarter — yet they’re continually losing on vibes. And you think your job is annoying?

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