AI’s permeating every other part of your life, so why not your love life?

Dating was never safe from the AI revolution.

Remember the old-fashioned way? When a person swiped, and swiped, and swiped, then met the love of their life?

bot and human hand forming a heart

We can romanticize those good old days, but the AI-powered future is here — bots are increasingly getting in the middle of getting together.

Apps keep rolling out

Of course the AI gold rush would target dating apps, a $4.6B market.

  • One new app, Teaser AI, is pretty wild: Before members swipe right or left, they can screen their potential match — by chatting with an AI likeness of their personality.
  • Don’t want your romantic fate entirely in AI’s hands? YourMove.AI is more writing assistant than vetting service: it’ll help with profile creation, brainstorming opening lines, and crafting replies.
  • Then there’s Teleport, an invitation-only app launched this month, which uses an “AI matchmaker that learns from a user’s every activity,” per Bloomberg, to give members (paying $111/month) just three matches a week.

Established dating apps have long succeeded by matching via algorithm — but trusting AI, which can’t even read air quality data right, to provide quality over quantity is a different story.

If you don’t want AI to help you find dates…

… you can always just straight-up date AI.

A Bronx woman effectively married her virtual companion, Eren, created on the AI chatbot builder Replika. She knows the union isn’t legally binding, but told Insider the connection feels real and enduring all the same.

BTW: The jury’s still out on whether emotional relationships with AI chatbots count as cheating. A recent survey found 74% of respondents said no — but it was run by Illicit Encounters, a UK site for people seeking affairs, so not exactly an unbiased crew there.

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