700k businesses of all shapes and sizes are fueling rapid growth of Airbnb for Work

As Airbnb continues to grow, ‘for-work’ bookings are becoming an increasingly large part of their business.

Airbnb’s ‘for-work’ rentals have grown to account for 15% of the platform’s overall bookings. Although many users think of Airbnb as a platform for vacation, 700k businesses actually now book with Airbnb for Work (recently rebranded from Airbnb for Business, we assume because Airbnb4b doesn’t have a great ring to it). 

700k businesses of all shapes and sizes are fueling rapid growth of Airbnb for Work

Making things work for startups and corporate giants

Airbnb launched its Airbnb for Work program in 2014, hoping to capitalize on the $1T business-travel market. 

To lure travelers away from traditional hotels, Airbnb allowed businesses to offer customized travel parameters on company-specific pages. 

By offering perks geared toward companies of different sizes (collaborative workspaces for SMBs and locations close to subsidiary offices for Fortune 500s), Airbnb reels in 40% enterprise companies with 5k+ employees and 40% small businesses with fewer than 250 workers.

Not a bad spread… 

Business is good business

Airbnb for Work’s popularity increased 3x from 2015 to 2016, then tripled again the next year — helping the company reach its first full year of profitability last year.

With more listings than the world’s 5 largest hotel chains combined, Airbnb is now valued at more than $31B. But, as the company looks toward a planned IPO next year, it hopes to continue getting down to business by increasing the volume of corporate bookings.

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