EMAILED ON May 17, 2019 BY Wes Schlagenhauf

Amazon is offering its employees $10k to quit and join its delivery service program

In June, Amazon announced a new business opportunity for “entrepreneurs” to run a fleet of delivery trucks for the e-commerce giant through its Delivery Service Partner program.A few days ago, the company said it would expand its delivery program, offering existing Amazon employees $10k — along with 3 months of gross pay — and all they had to do was quit their existing job.

“Now we have a path for those associates with an appetite to own their own businesses.” -- Amazon senior VP, Dave Clark

TRANSLATION: Amazon’s struggling to execute on its next-day delivery plans, because the criteria to start a fleet is damn near unattainable.

Amazon claims delivery partners can make up to $300k a year — but to become a Delivery Service Partner, a regular person must invest $10k and have liquid assets of at least $30k.

In other words, Amazon is asking its employees with benefits and a consistent (albeit generally unfair) wage to quit their jobs and become outside contractors in exchange for the multibillion-dollar powerhouse covering the investment cost.

It could be either/or for some Amazon employees

Per Reuters, the incentive comes at a time when Amazon is increasing automation in its warehouses that will put some warehouse workers out of jobs.

$10k is cool, but how many of those employees on the chopping block (or anyone really) has even close to $30k in liquidity?