The American bread industry uses additives that many countries have banned

Why does the US bread industry allow additives that Europe and other countries have banned?

Over the last decade the US has taken strides to catch up to the rest of the world making healthier bread. 

The American bread industry uses additives that many countries have banned

But the sexy side of baked goods continues to stick with many fillers and whiteners that are probably unchill to the human system — but great for yoga mats, pesticides, hair straighteners, explosives and petroleum products.

Will you be my bromate?

According to the Guardian, American white bread uses optional dough whiteners, conditioners and rising agents that aren’t necessarily harmful to human health, but most likely will bore a metaphorical hole through your gullet as they pass through your mouthhole… potentially.

Potassium bromate, an agent that helps bread rise, has been linked to kidney and thyroid cancers in rodents — yeah, but it’s delicious (no, no, bad!).

Conagra Brands says they intend to phase out potassium bromate in their chicken pot pies… yeah — not yet, but soooon.

Basically what the US does, do the opposite

The US bakery industry is huge business for sure, making up 2.1% of the GDP, yet other countries like China, Brazil and members of the EU have outlawed potassium bromate and several other agents in all food.

India banned it in 2016, and the UK has forbidden it since 1990, but despite petitions from several advocacy groups — some decades old — the FDA still considers these to be “Gras” — which stands for Generally Recognized As Safe to eat. Of course, many experts call BS…


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