Barneys is adding a luxury head shop to its Beverly Hills store. And the prices are hiiiiigh

Barneys will open a high-end pot shop in its Beverly Hills location to cater to wealthier, higher-functioning stoners.

Gone are the days of getting trapped inside your weed dealer’s apartment, obligated to humor them in a game of Battleship after failing to decline their plea, cuz, well, you’re high and you panicked.

Barneys is adding a luxury head shop to its Beverly Hills store. And the prices are hiiiiigh

We’re kidding — those days have long-staled (the weed biz is projected to hit $31.4B by 2021). Now, the days of the luxury pot market are fresh at hand.

To prove it, Barneys, the luxury department store chain, has sparked up a  partnership with the Los Angeles pot brand Beboe to open its own upscale head shop aptly named “The High End.”

Get it? It’s funny because… it’s true

According to a 2016 study, 65% of “upscale cannabis consumers” make $75k or more — and Barneys clearly knows its audience. 

The pot subsidiary will sell swanky paraphernalia ranging from French hemp rolling papers to $950 bongs to $1.4k grinders. 

Since Barneys isn’t a licensed dispensary it can’t legally sell weed, but there will be information about Beboe’s vape pens and edibles in the store. 

The retail apocalypse affects everyone differently

The High End cannabis push comes as retail stores continue to struggle from the online shopping shift. Barney’s CEO Daniella Vitale explains that Bougie B made the choice at least partially due to a pressure to offer Instagram-worthy moments.

“We want to make sure there is an entertainment value here,” Vitale said.

The Beverly Hills store-within-a-store aims to open in March, and potentially its locations in New York if recreational weed becomes legal.

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