Beddr releases a $149 forehead sticker that monitors sleep disorders

Beddr debuts a new FDA-approved product that is a better, portable, consumer alternative to measuring your sleep than staying in a lab hooked up to wires for a night.

1B people suffer from sleep apnea, a disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts during sleep, and even more suffer from “poor quality sleep.” We know what you’re thinking: There’s gotta be a better way!?

Beddr releases a $149 forehead sticker that monitors sleep disorders

Correction: A Beddr way.

Sleep startup Beddr has launched SleepTuner, an FDA-registered wearable that analyzes your sleep to improve your snooze quality (and they have a few million in the bank to do it). 

All it takes is a sticker to the forehead

Sure, it looks like you got pranked after a long night of drinking, but apparently, it works.

Beddrs founders were looking for products that could diagnose sleep disorder without patients spending a night in a lab hooked up to wires and oxygen masks.

Turns out, it all came down to oxygen: Skin on the forehead is less sensitive than other areas and is also a prime location to accurately measure oxygen levels. And so, the SleepTuner was born.

Ok, but how does it work?

The device, described as the size of a postage stamp and the weight of a nickel, uses an infrared sensor to measure blood oxygen levels while simultaneously measuring a sleeper’s movement.

The wearable syncs with an app to provide insights into your sleep quality and how to improve it like, “Maybe skip those 4 ‘bedtime beers’ every night.”

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