BlaBlaCar acquires carpooling startup as rideshare companies consolidate

French ride-share giant acquires another carpooling service as it looks to compete with the other ride-sharing glam-brands.

Yes, we’re talking ride-sharing again. But this time, we’re talking about a massive company that’s somehow managed to drive under the radar here in the States.

We’re talking French ride-sharing giant, BlaBlaCar.

According to TechCrunch, BlaBlaCar is acquiring Less, a less than 2-year-old, Paris-based carpooling company that focuses on urban rides, and pays drivers on a per-kilometer rate.

The size of the deal wasn’t disclosed, but Less raised $19m before its official launch last December, so it probably wasn’t chump change.

Then again, BlaBlaCar’s pockets are pretty deep…

Q: Are these guys rollin in it? A: Oui

Founded in 2006, today BlaBlaCar claims 60m members in 22 countries — they’re also one of France’s most heavily funded startups.

So far, the company has brought in more than $330m from backers like Accel and Index Ventures. Not to mention their $200m Series D in 2015 still stands as the highest single funding round by a French startup, bringing them to a $1.6B valuation.

This acquisition follows a trend

BlaBlaCar has made 7 other acquisitions in its attempt to prove itself as a bona fide rideshare big fish, including its closest competitor, Carpooling.

The company will discontinue the Less brand but bring the crew on as experts in the short-distance urban driving market (BlaBla currently specializes in long distances), and is likely to adopt Less’s per-kilometer payment model for short-distance drivers.

Still better than the OG ridesharer’s payment model: Gas, grass, or a*s.

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