Boeing’s Latest Idea for Making Air Travel Not the Absolute Worst

Getting rid of the pretzels is the first place to start.

September 20, 2016

Amid historically low airfares and increased competition, airlines are exploring ways to stand out from their peers when it comes to the overall passenger experience.

Which means manufacturers are, in turn, getting pretty creative to win their business and cash fat checks (your average commercial airliner can cost nearly $100m).

Take Boeing’s latest idea, for example
The world’s largest aircraft manufacturer just filed a patent for a projection system that would allow images to be displayed on the ceilings and walls of an airplane.

Headed to Hawaii? Time to fill the cabin with clear blue sky visuals to set the mood, baby! Leis for everybody! Traveling to London? A projection of an overcast, “is it going to rain or what?” Sunday afternoon should set realistic expectations.

Not to mention the shooting stars and UFOs on overnight red eyes.

While we’re on the subject of improving the in-flight experience…
Anybody else think virtual reality and air travel are a match made in heaven? Especially stuck in the middle seat on a cross country flight.

Name your price, United. Take my money, flight attendant!

The biggest criticism of VR these days is that you look like an anti-social cyborg with massive sunglasses on your face. Can’t think of a more acceptable place to rock that look than in a flying metal box surrounded by people you’ll probably never see again…

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