The numbers are in… and Broadway’s back, baybeee

Broadway’s box-office stats are through the roof thanks to revamped tourism and increased variety.

Broadway recently released some ovation-worthy box office stats — this past year, show attendance increased 9.5% (to an unprecedented 14.7m) and gross box office revenue rose 10.3%, for a record $1.8B.

The numbers are in… and Broadway’s back, baybeee

In fact, attendance way outshone all 10 NY and NJ pro sports teams put together (hang in there, theater geeks — your day will come). 

It’s a remarkable rebound for an industry feared to be dying as early as the ’70’s — pulled off thanks to rising tourism, a variety of offerings (38 in total), and longer show runs. 

Something for everyone

This year’s wide range of performances drew in the full spectrum of attendees. 

Stars of the show included Hamilton (shocker), To Kill a Mockingbird, Aladdin and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child — In fact, our boy Harry P set a record for annual gross sales. (… AND he can act?? Talk about well-rounded.)

More butts in town to put in seats

The smash numbers were also aided by a record-breaking year for NYC tourism, since visitors make up 63% of show attendees. 

That rumbling sound you hear is NYC residents grumbling about Times Square slow-walkers.

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