Bushwick Kitchen Threes Knees Spicy Trio

Do you or someone you know have a serious spice addiction? We’re talking a “I’m one step away from putting hot sauce on corn flakes” kinda addiction. This trifecta of spicy honey, syrup, and Gochujang helps the spice lover in your life put some heat on literally everything.

the story

Bushwick believes in simple ingredients to make something extraordinary and their blends of honey, syrup, and Gochujang are equally unique and flavorful. We’re talking really good.

Bushwick doesn’t fill their sauces with junk, just simple, natural flavors. Plus it’s blended, bottled, and shipped by hand in Brooklyn, NY.

why we like it

It’s hot sauce like you’ve never had before, and while we love basic hot sauce, these three offer something unique and different.

Spicy honey, for sweet and spicy fans tastes great on its own, with some pizza crust, and really kicks honey mustard sauces up a notch.

Spicy Maple takes normal waffles, biscuits, and other breakfast foods and slaps it with a syrupy sweet and spicy tang. Plus, it also adds some heat to cocktails and sweet potatoes.

The most popular of the bunch is the Gochjung, the new “it” hot sauce. Made from fermented chili peppers, this Korean classic is blended with Sriracha and is threatening to dethrone that green topped bottle hiding in your fridge.

the competition

Most hot sauce samplers focus on spice, treating flavor as an afterthought. They care more about melting faces and burning taste buds with heat. But what we love about this trio of sauces are the blend of sweet sauces and new classics that go outside the realm of what a hot sauce can do.

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