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EMAILED ON November 29, 2017 BY Zachary Crockett

A tiny Georgia county wants to house the next commercial spaceport

Before today, Camden County, Georgia (population: 52k) was best known as the childhood home of Jay, our growth marketing guru.

But the sleepy region is now also the site of a recently proposed commercial spaceport that could soon play a key role in launching the rockets of a growing number of privatized aerospace companies.

Not just for peaches 

Dubbed Spaceport Camden, the new digs will be “the only exclusively vertical, non-federal range on the East Coast.”

Over the ensuing years, the county (with some help from the private space industry) hopes to construct a launch pad capable of both launching and landing rockets.

The county has already made some major strides in getting the project off the ground: back in May, the state passed the Georgia Spaceflight Act, which “limit[s] the liability” of commercial space companies — and in August, it had its first test launch.

The view from space

Spaceport Camden is just the 11th commercial spaceport in the US — and as the industry is increasingly being commercialized, it’s a good time to be in the space.

Valued at roughly $329B, the commercial spaceflight industry has been on the rise since deregulation began in 1984. And as the likes of SpaceX, Virgin, and Boeing work toward pumping out more launches, the little country of Camden is poised to see their investment pay off.

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