Candy corn is still winning, despite its bad rap

For Brach’s Confections, the candy corn controversy is a selling point.

Two Halloweens ago, we reported on Brach’s Confections’ surprisingly large candy corn biz.

Four rows of candy corn arranged on an orange background.

Brach’s had decided to double down on its polarizing treat, launching a Thanksgiving bag that included a green beans flavor described by one reviewer as “unforgivable.”

How’d that go for them?

Brach’s, which produces ~90% of the world’s candy corn — that’s 30m pounds per year — is crushing it. Brach’s owner Ferrara Candy Co. doesn’t reveal sales data, but:

  • Last year, Katie Duffy, vice president and general manager of Ferrara’s seasonal candy, told CNN that candy corn sales have been up YoY since 2020.
  • Brach’s pulled in an estimated $75m in candy corn sales in 2022, per Fortune.

And remember, this isn’t Reese’s — Halloween’s most popular candy — but one that people openly despise…

… Which is part of the appeal

The controversy is free marketing. Recently, Travis Kelce — Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end and Taylor Swift’s love interest — and his brother Jason made headlines simply by discussing it. (Travis likes it, Jason hates it.)

And unlike other candies, candy corn is a Halloween icon. It’s used to decorate other treats, and its likeness is used by everyone, from Etsy sellers to brands like Nike and Vans.

Brach’s discontinued the Thanksgiving flavors, but Duffy said experimentation lives on “in a delicious way.” This year, that includes a new fan club where 100 members will receive free products year-round.

“Imagine enjoying candy corn with your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day or as a poolside snack in the summer,” the release reads.

We’d rather not, but you do you.

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