After 82 years, Canon sends its film cameras to the Big Dark Room in the Sky

The popularity of smartphones has shrunk the market for cameras, forcing Canon to discontinue its only remaining analog camera.

Canon issued a heartbreaking statement yesterday that it would discontinue sales of film cameras and pull its final EOS-1v from the sales rack.The rise of inexpensive digital cameras (like the one in your iPhone) has led to a mass extinction of old-school film cameras, and Canon isn’t the only company kicking the canister.

Film is an endangered species

Competitor Leica announced last week that it would discontinue one of its 3 remaining film cameras, while Fujifilm announced it would discontinue several of its remaining film varieties due to diminishing demand.Nikon still makes a film camera — but its cheapest option is nearly $3k, enough to make even the most hardcore filmophile consider taking a Snap instead. Canon produced its last film cameras in 2010, but just sold out of inventory 8 years later — underscoring how tiny the film camera market has become.

Camera companies are looking for a new hobby

Canon maintains a narrow lead in digital camera market share (21%) — slightly more than Sony (20%) and Nikon (14%), but even digital camera sales declined 28% in the first month of 2018. Now, it’s up to hipsters and history books to keep the memories of Canon film in focus.

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