Carbyne, a ‘next-gen’ 9-1-1 startup, raised $15m

A new emergency response startup raised $15m as it looks to disrupt outdated response infrastructure with their new cloud-based product.

With over 240m emergency service calls in the US alone each year, 9-1-1 has long been the hotline for those in danger. Problem is, the system program is outdated and slow — and more and more people are opting for Ubers in times of emergencies than dialing 9-1-1. 

Carbyne, a ‘next-gen’ 9-1-1 startup, raised $15m

Now, Techcrunch reports that Israeli startup Carbyne has developed a system to improve emergency response time, and raised $15m to help them do it.

Legacy schmegacy

Most emergency calling services in place around the world were built using legacy, wired phone networks. Problem is, people aren’t making calls from their rotary phones anymore. 

Up to 80% of all emergency calls now come from mobile devices, and some answering centers are flat out unable to receive the location details they need because of their outdated systems.

The new emergency callout platform will pinpoint exact locations (both indoor and outdoor), enable instant video communication, and a plethora of other cloud-based services to shorten response time by up to 65%.

And they’ve got some pretty interesting backers

Led by Elsted Capital Partners, the round also included Founders Fund, the VC that backs the shadowy data-based surveillance startup, Palantir, as well as other government security and AI startups like Anduril and Deepmind (now a part of Google).

The company has now raised about $24m, and is rumored to be worth somewhere in the ballpark of $100m

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