Chick-fil-A flaps high above its competitors, and it has other fast food giants worried sick

As Chick-fil-A continues to fly high, its fast-food competitors continue to struggle.

In 2019, milk is out, plant-based meat options have taken restaurants by storm, and a drive-thru chicken sando chain — Chick-fil-A — is moving toward the head of the fast-food flock. 

Chick-fil-A flaps high above its competitors, and it has other fast food giants worried sick

See, the ol’ witch hippy was right: The end times are upon us. And cows are loving it, that’s for sure. 

But, as Chick-fil-A continues to fly high above the industry, with plans of going international, other beef-led chains are feeling the pinch.

2019: The year of the chicken

Chick-fil-A’s food is phenomenal. That’s not an opinion, that’s a poultry-sized fact.

Because of its fine feastings, the fast-fried franchise absolutely rakes in the dough. According to CNBC, one of CF’s locations Chick-fil-A’d  $5.7m in 2018 — and the dang rooster robbers don’t even crow on Sundays.

While cows sipped dairy-free coladas on sabbatical, Chick-fil-A grew to become the 3rd-largest restaurant in the US by sales. 

And competitors are bracing for some even rougher winds ahead. 

Like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off 

Per Business Insider, in the first 6 months after a Chick flies into town, customer traffic falls an average of 5.4% at Wendy’s and 4.4% at Burger King locations within 1.5 miles. 

Now, chains like BK and Carl’s Jr. have doubled down on the growing plant-based meat crowd to compete with the church of chicken.

Another clucker-chucker, Popeyes, is heading beak-first into the chickity-challenge by putting its own top-notch breaded bird on the menu. 

McDonald’s franchisees are also pleading for a better chicken sandwich option as well. McChicken? More like McChopped Liver (nailed it).

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