Home off the range

In a blog post titled “Hanging up my spurs,” VC cowboy Chris Sacca announced he’s retiring from investing and heading back to his house on the prairie.

In a blog post titled “Hanging up my spurs,” Chris Sacca, the VC cowboy and founder of Lowercase Capital (amazing name), announced he’s retiring from investing, to his house on the prairie.

Home off the range

“I don’t know who Chris Sacca is”

*Pulls head out of Silicon Valley bubble* Oh right, ok. So professionally, Sacca is a known for being one of the earliest investors in Uber and Twitter.

Personally, he’s known for splitting his time between LA, the mountain town of Truckee, and Big Sky, Montana while wearing exclusively cowboy shirts and boots. Before you ask, he’s from Lockport, New York.

Lowercase’s website is completely wild-west themed, down to the instructions on how to “saddle up” with them, and liberal use of the word “posthaste.”

Thanks to his sharpshooting, he’s worth $1.2B, and his fund has returned $5B to investors from Twitter alone.

But it wasn’t always blue jeans and sunshine

As a law student at Georgetown, Sacca, used $20k in student loans to start day trading, growing it to $12m by age 22. Then the dot com bubble burst, and he found himself $4m in the hole. Whoops.

For the next several years, he hustled at Google, started a rent-a-lawyer business, and wrote a $25k check when his friend Evan Williams pitched him a “microblogging” platform called Twttr.

Yadda yadda yadda, now he’s #2 on Forbes’ Midas List of top tech investors. But he’s putting all of that behind him…

So what’s he gonna do instead?

Probably not just whittling canoes out of tree trunks and eating beans out of a can.

While he’s not returning to Shark Tank, he’s expressed interest in building his presence in media/entertainment, kicking things off by playing himself in Zach Braff’s new pilot for ABC, based on the Startup Podcast.

But whatever he does next, you can bet he’ll go at it full-steam, because like he says on the Tank, if you’re not all-in, you’re out.

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