Chubbies Shorts, a Brotastic Startup, Has the Best Content Marketing

They called themselves Chubbies Shorts. And they are the best branding and content marketers you've ever seen. Here's proof.  

Have you ever bought something online and a week couldn’t remember where you got it from?

Chubbies Shorts, a Brotastic Startup, Has the Best Content Marketing

“Oh, somewhere online” you say when someone asks “but I forget where.”

That reaction is the archenemy of a great user experience.

Brand lovegasm = great user experience

You see, the foundation of an amazing user experience isn’t just how pretty or fast a startup’s site is. Sure, that’s a part of it, but a tiny, tiny part.

The biggest (and most neglected) facet of a strong user experience is building a lovable and unforgettable brand.

And when done properly you create a brand lovegasm for your customer.
A startup that builds a brand lovegasm is a company users never forget and will spread with their friends..regardless if they bought the product or not.

One startup whose head and shoulders above the rest in the brand lovegasm and content marketing category is Chubbies Shorts, a line of short shorts aimed at young men with a booming social media presence.

$600,000 in one day

Chubbies Shorts, launched in 2011 by four buddies from Stanford, has recently raised $4 million and grown to 20+ employees. Although they won’t reveal their revenue, they once sold 10,000 pairs in one day. (At $60 a pop, that’s $600,000 in sales…in one day.)

At Hustle Con, Chubbies’ co-founder Tom Montgomery is gonna give the low down on how he’s been able to grow sales and plow down the competition by building a customer lovin’, fun havin’ lovegasm brand with army of loyal followers.

Whether you sell shorts, wine, ads, or content – if you wanna build a brand people LOVE then you’ll wanna hear Tom’s talk.

Tom Montgomery, founder of Chubbies

At Hustle Con Tom will teach:

  • How the Chubbies’ wildly successful YouTube channel effected business
  • How he built a team of 150+ college ambassadors to spread Chubbies love
  • Why Chubbies not only has a hilarious blog and newsletter, but also a manifesto
  • How he used social media to grow sales by 600%
  • And dozens of other tactics to make sure customers lovegasm over your brand

And if you’re feeling extra frisky, check out Chubbies’ latest YouTube video… it’s kinda NSFW, but that’s never stopped you before now has it?

See you at Hustle Con on August 1st!


PS – Apparently last week’s post was a good one because we sold a ton of tickets, so even if you just kinda wanna come to Hustle Con make sure to get your ticket now. No, this isn’t a sales tactic, I just don’t wanna feel like a jerk when people ask if there’s tickets left in a few weeks and we’re all sold out.

Good branding transcends gender!

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