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Eye on the prize: Biometric firm Clear continues to lead the way to a speedier future

Clear partners with United Airlines to expand its biometric kiosks in airports.

July 30, 2019

According to CNBC, United Airlines and security biometrics firm Clear have partnered to expand their eye-dentification screening kiosks in airports around the US — including hubs like Chicago O’Hare, Houston International, and Newark Liberty.

Clear has nearly 3.8m members sprinting through the security check slog — making the company a crystal Clear leader in speeding up the line. 

It’s all about the need for speed

It isn’t only airlines either: In December, Clear teamed with Hertz to get travelers out of the airport — quicker ground game, check.

And last summer, the firm began providing alcohol transactions at sporting events — a faster way of slugging beer to mouth, check. Now people can fly in, drive out, and drink away at a much faster pace.

And the need is only expected to grow

The partnership, which involved United buying a stake in Clear, is the latest example of an airline using biometric screening to move travelers through airports.

Rival airline Delta also has a stake in Clear, and JetBlue is testing facial recognition.

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