Comfy fashion is paying off

Athleisure is booming as consumers prioritize comfort over fashion.

The way we live — and what we wear — has changed in the last three years. One moment we were getting dressed for the office every day, and the next we were calling jeans “hard pants.”


The fashion industry is evolving to meet our demands (AKA being able to sit crisscross applesauce all day while working from home).

Brands prioritizing practicality and comfort are seeing increased sales:

  • Hoka’s sales topped $1.3B in Q3 2023
  • Lululemon’s revenue increased 28% to $1.9B in Q3 2022
  • LL Bean had the second-highest earning year in its 110-year history, with 2022 revenue hitting $1.8B
  • Crocs rung in a record year in 2022 with $3.6B in revenue, a 54% YoY increase
  • Kontoor Brands, the holding company of Wrangler and Lee, saw revenue rise 9% in 2022

And growth is showing no signs of slowing down, with the broader athleisure market expected to hit a whopping $662.5B by 2030.

Easy-to-wear clothes…

… aren’t just for the work-from-home crowd. The high-fashion world is gripping its dad sneakers just as tightly (even though they’re a little ugly).

From models to normal folks, people are unwilling to feel uncomfortable in their clothes, with an estimated 81% of people prioritizing comfort over cost or style.

Could onesies be the next hot fashion trend? Only time will tell. *Crosses fingers.*

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