Looking for a job? The Dark Overlord is hiring ‘goal oriented’ cybercriminals for $63k/month!

The Dark Overlord, a notorious cybercriminal collective, is posting online job listings now -- and they’re straight out of ‘Office Space.’

The Dark Overlord, a cybercrime collective known for blackmailing big TV studios and insurance companies, is hiring. Specifically, it’s hiring software designers and systems engineers with at least “10 years of experience” to “bring innovative approaches to operations and think outside the box.”

Looking for a job? The Dark Overlord is hiring ‘goal oriented’ cybercriminals for $63k/month!

According to a shockingly corporate job posting discovered by the cyber-threat intelligence company Digital Shadows, The Dark Overlord is looking to fill the last of 4 vacant positions with a candidate that has “a winning attitude.”

OK… but does The Dark Overlord provide dental benefits?

The hacking collective wasn’t explicit about health or PTO policy. But the company did guarantee its new hire would be “collaborating with like-minded and ambitious individuals” in “operations against various companies and governments and worldwide deployments.”

The Dark Overlord first made headlines when it successfully blackmailed Netflix after stealing unaired episodes of ‘Orange Is the New Black.’

But after releasing ‘9/11 files’ to extort money from insurance companies, global authorities cracked down and allegedly arrested a member of The Dark Overlord in Serbia, leaving the Overlord short-staffed. 

Hacker collectives have HR problems, too

With its back against the wall, The Dark Overlord retaliated against authorities the same way any self-respecting international crime syndicate would: It posted open positions on internet job boards.

To increase its headcount and subvert global regulators, The Dark Overlord posted 4 open roles on KickAss Forum (a cybercrime job marketplace that charges a finder’s fee) in November with the tagline “Life’s too short not to be rich.”  

Cybercrime pays

The Overlord offers an annual salary of $762k (payable after a 90-day probationary period, naturally) with an expected increase to $1.068m after 2 years (contingent upon positive performance reviews, of course).

As The Dark Overlord and other large cybercrime associations like The Shadow Brokers become more common (and more successful), their recruiting practices will continue to resemble those of the tech companies they recruit from. 

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