Sir David Attenborough leaves the BBC to Netflix and binge

As Netflix looks to batten down the hatches in anticipation of Disney+, the company announced iconic host sir David Attenborough will be voicing a new 8-part original series.

David Attenborough, The 92-year-old naturalist with a knack for Mother Nature play-by-plays, is packing up his voice box and headin’ to Netflix.

Sir David Attenborough leaves the BBC to Netflix and binge

The iconic commentator behind beloved nature documentary series Planet Earth and Blue Planet has worked for decades with the BBC, but is jumping ship to voice Netflix’s forthcoming original nature documentary series, Our Planet.

David Attenborough: a national treasure

Since the ’70s, Attenborough has voiced and hosted countless BBC nature documentaries — some of which are streamable on Netflix. But, the 8-part nature series will be his first original series with the company.

The series, described as a conversation starter around environmental conservation (rather than pure nature porn), has been 4 years in the making and filmed in 50 countries around the world.

Another get for the ’flix

A-list talent has been migrating to Netflix over the past few years as the streaming giant tries to remain a television powerhouse — this year alone, Netflix is spending $8B on its lineup.

It makes sense; Disney’s new streaming platform Disney+ is just around the corner, which means Netflix’s subscriber numbers are in danger of dipping.

The question is, will the streaming giant be able to keep up the pace with its monstrous spending budgets as it continues to grow?

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