Ask my anything: I’m an entrepreneur and startup adviser – 4 of the 5 startups that I’ve been involved with are now worth over $100 million

Ask me anything... and I'll answer.

September 23, 2015

Hi, I’m Jack Smith, a 26 year old entrepreneur and startup advisor.

I moved to San Francisco 4 years ago as part of a crazy Linkedin marketing hack that helped me raise $120,000 in seed funding for Vungle, my first startup. The Hustle helped me turn the story into an article.

Since then, Vungle has gone on to raise over $25 million from investors and now has hundreds of staff and offices around the globe.

After leaving Vungle in 2013, I started advising a few different startups, some of which you may have heard of. I’ve been fortunate that the majority of those companies have done very well with fundraising and growth.

And so, because I’m an avid reader of The Hustle and like helping the startup community, I’ve decided to do a weekly post here where I answer your questions.

Want to ask me a question? Ask it in the comments at the bottom of the page. Next week, on Tuesday, I’ll answer a few of my favorite questions.

Your question can be on anything: startups, entrepreneurship, productivity, emotions, or anything else.

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