Deck the halls: Holiday decorating is reaching new heights

From 12-foot skeletons to Christmas stockings, Americans are spending big on holidays.

You know how the second the Thanksgiving turkey is carved, Mariah Carey materializes at the top of the charts?

A Christmas wreath made out of pine branches, pine cones, and dollar bills with a red bow on a red background.

Well, holiday decorations have the same way of creeping up well before the holidays themselves.

And it’s not just Christmas — decor for everything from Halloween to Valentine’s Day is hitting stores earlier and harder, per The Washington Post.

The National Retail Federation forecasts holiday spending to reach a record $957.3B-$966.6B this year, a 3%-4% increase from 2022.

There are a couple of reasons behind the surge:

  • Supply chain issues during covid pushed many to order their decorations earlier than usual, and the cycle stuck.
  • Holidays offer a much-needed respite from life’s stressors.

Plus, the earlier decorating is contagious — whether it’s on your phone screen or in your neighbor’s front yard.

Speaking of social media…

… it plays a big role here. Almost as big as the 12-foot Halloween skeleton that went viral in 2022.

This year, an $180 jack-o’-lantern named Lewis captured the hearts and wallets of consumers, racking up 56.2m+ views on TikTok and selling out on Target’s website.

With oversized decorations has come the spending to match: American consumers dropped an estimated $12.2B and an average of $108.24 each on Halloween in 2023 — a record high.

That holiday dedication will continue this winter

A 2023 Deloitte survey found that shoppers are putting more money toward nongift holiday purchases, with 82% saying they plan to spend on items like decorations.

And this year’s consumers are expected to spend an average of $1.65k on holiday-related purchases, up 14% from last year.

P.S. Everyone’s favorite Elf on the Shelf officially returned last week — so you’re already late.

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