This is the diet vodka for you if you want to have your booze and diet too

As skinny-conscious consumers continue to opt for diet-friendly alternatives, even traditional liquor companies are rolling out low-calorie options.

Diageo, the maker of Smirnoff and Ciroc products, is rolling out a lower-calorie, lower-alcohol version of Ketel One, as reported in The Wall Street Journal.

This is the diet vodka for you if you want to have your booze and diet too

The largest liquor producer in the world, Diageo claims a 1.5 oz shot of Ketel One Botanical will have 40% fewer calories than a glass of white wine — but they’ll have to sell the booze as a beverage “made with vodka” instead of the real thang.

Ketel One has lost its buzz 

Ketel One’s market share has dribbled out of the glass to a sobering 1.7%. Titos, on the hand, commands a full 8.1% — and they’re ordering another round.

But why are these buzzed newcomers outperforming the top-shelf boozes that got your granddaddy drunk? Here’s at least one reason: it’s advertised as gluten-free.

Cuz if there’s one thing Americans are more obsessed with than booze… it’s dieting.

Good for the waistline — and the bottom line

The same wave of consumer preference that rocked the soda industry’s boat decades ago — shifting 43% of Coca Cola’s sales to reduced-sugar, reduced-calorie sodas — is finally lapping the big booze industry.

New alcohol companies like Skinnygirl and SpikedSeltzer cater to calorie-conscious consumers hoping to maximize ABV but minimize guilt — and traditional booze brands are trimming down to compete.

So be bad and order that diet vodka with your diet Coke…

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