Digits: Cirque du Soleil’s next act, and other newsy numbers

Plus: Digits related to fragrances, schvitzing, fragrances and schvitzing, oh, and meteorites.

1) Attracting Gen Z and its $360B in spending power may prove to be Cirque du Soleil’s hardest trick yet. Cirque’s 40+ shows sell 10m tickets annually and account for ~80% of its revenue. But with an average attendee age of 42, execs now plan to launch a video game, home goods, a documentary, a convention, and *double checks notes… * fragrances.

Digits: Cirque du Soleil’s next act, and other newsy numbers

2) If you like horses, you’ll love the “horse mecca” of Phoenix, Arizona. But if you are a horse, you’re probably pissed at Phoenix for its never-ending string of ultra-sweaty days. Horses heat up much faster than humans, and Phoenix’s 110+-degree temps are posing a very dangerous threat to the area’s $1.3B equestrian industry.

3) Speaking of both fragrances and sweating, it appears fragranced deodorant is hot. Old Spice and Secret owner Procter & Gamble says it’s found 90% of US shoppers want at least some scent in their deodorant products to help them get noticed. The Wall Street Journal found one woman who carries as many as 17 different scented deodorants with her when she’s away from home. No typo there — 17, ten plus seven. Wow.

4) If you’ve got the time (and luck), meteorite hunting can be quite the lucrative side gig. A gram of space rock can go for anywhere from $0.05 to $5k depending on its features, and the Maine Mineral and Gem Museum recently offered $25k to anyone who could recover a fresh meteorite that landed nearby. They don’t teach you about this career path in school, kids, but meteorite hunting may pay off.

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