Digits: Elton’s EGOT, Colorado’s biz boom, and more bananas numbers

A salary fit for a Monkey King, Elton’s big win, no stopping in Vegas, and more.

115%: YoY uptick in new business applications in Colorado between December 2022 and December 2023, per Axios. New business applications rose 7.4% across the US overall, but nowhere so high as the Rocky Mountain state where the cost of a new business filing temporarily dropped from $50 to $1. North Dakota and Iowa also saw growth at 37.7% and 33.7%, respectively, while Georgia (-9.9%) and Louisiana (-8.6%) saw the biggest drops.

Elton John sitting at a piano, the Vegas Strip, a bunch of bananas, and an “open” sign hanging from a Colorado flag on a blue background.

19: Number of people who have nabbed an EGOT — AKA an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony award. The latest inductee to this prestigious list is Elton John, whose Farewell Yellow Brick Road concert film recently won an Emmy for outstanding variety special. The first was Richard Rodgers; other winners include Viola Davis, Jennifer Hudson, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Mel Brooks, and Whoopi Goldberg.

$1k: How much you could be fined if you stop walking in Las Vegas’ new “pedestrian flow zones,” per a new county ordinance. Lawmakers say such disturbances can cause disorder and pose a safety hazard in these high-traffic areas, especially when crowds form. Vegas is prepping for some serious crowds next month thanks to Super Bowl LVIII.

$842/month: How much you’d make as the Monkey King at Wuzhishan Scenic Area in China’s Hebei province. You’d need to chill in a cave dressed as the Monkey King of Chinese mythology — a superpowered monkey warrior who travels by cloud — and let tourists feed you bananas.

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