Digits: Your chance to buy a town, and more newsy numbers

Plus: Cow profits on the moo-ve, and Max celebrates the numbers it forced into existence.

1) The mostly deserted, 10-acre West Texas town of Lobo is on the market for $100k, and a group of German fellas who bought it in 2001 for $20k recently heard from 70+ people about why they should be given the keys. Pitches included a kangaroo farm, nudist colony, and townwide escape room. We say: Why settle for one when you can have all three and create the most bizarre tourist attraction ever?

Digits: Your chance to buy a town, and more newsy numbers

2) Warner Bros. Discovery proclaimed with maximum delight that a whopping 70% of HBO Max customers hopped on to the company’s shiny new Max streaming platform in its first week out, proving that practically forcing people to switch to your new app is truly a brilliant way of getting people to switch to your new app.

3) Ah, Australia — the land of kangaroos, Vegemite, and a strong desire to lose money. With a whopping 190k poker machines throughout the country, and 40% of Australians gambling weekly, it’s no wonder Aussie bettors are tossing away a cool $9.9B annually.

4) For anyone confused why barbecue has turned into a cash cow, here’s your answer: the price of ground beef is up over 20% since 2020. Part of the reason is drought conditions, which have impacted the price of feed and raised operating costs per cow to $698/year in 2022, up $100+ from 2021. All this has made profit margins on cows thinner than a strip of jerky — ~$12 per cow, down from ~$400 in 2015.

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