Dogs clearly have something against cars, and more wild headlines

The week’s most bonkers stories, well worth chatting more about this weekend.

  • An iPhone from Alaska Airlines’ near-disastrous flight survived a 16k-foot drop. The device, one of several objects sucked out of the gaping hole left by a blown-out door plug on last week’s flight, was found near a highway in Portland, Oregon — perfectly intact and still in airplane mode. The National Transportation Safety Board, which is investigating the incident, said it was the second phone recovered from the flight.
  • Oh, to be a billionaire’s cow… Mark Zuckerberg is reportedly raising Angus and wagyu cattle on a diet of home-brewed beer and macadamia nuts at his $270m ranch in Hawaii. The beer is meant to stimulate their appetites, a practice that’s apparently not entirely uncommon. And while we love to imagine the Meta CEO cracking open a cold one with his beloved bovines, he ruined that fantasy by calling his latest passion project his “most delicious” one yet.
  • Two stray dogs caused $350k in damages at a Houston car dealership. The dealership’s owner suspects the pair, who were caught scratching cars and ripping off bumpers, had been chasing cats. This isn’t the only recent dog-on-car crime: Last month, Italian police found that the culprit behind a spate of tire-slashings in a southern Italian village, which residents suspected was a sort of mafia-style intimidation, was just a stray dog with gum disease.
  • The new Mercedes-Benz x collab nobody’s been waiting for. The MBUX Sound Drive, which debuted at CES 2024 this week, is an “interactive musical experience” that uses sensors and software to pair tracks with corresponding car functions, like acceleration, steering, and braking — kind of like a very expensive, driveable Bop-It. Not a fan? Fear not: Mercedes says it wants to open the platform so that any musician can make their own driving soundscape.
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