Domino’s opens its 16,000th store despite disappointing earnings

Domino’s opened its 16kth store as it looks to boost sales in an incredibly competitive pizza landscape.

Although Domino’s stock recently posted its worst performance in more than a year, the chain still sits atop the throne of big pizza, as it outpaces the industry in same-store sales numbers.

Domino’s opens its 16,000th store despite disappointing earnings

Now, Domino’s is opening its 16kth store, gaining market share as it remains the market leader for “fast” pizza, with Pizza Hut in 2nd place, Little Caesars in 3rd, and Papa John’s in 4th.

If you build it, they will eat

Domino’s has grown by nearly 50% over the past 5 years, rapidly adding 4.8k stores since 2014. It has plans to add thousands more as the battle for pizza supremacy continues to sizzle.

To keep boosting sales, Domino’s announced another major American expansion last year, and plans to add another 2.4k stores in the US by 2028.

In anticipation of further expansion, the chain is investing between $115m and $120m in its supply chain.

It’s not the other giants Domino’s needs to worry about

While Pizza Hut and Papa John’s are still scratching and clawing to gain footing, smaller, more innovative players in the industry could soon be chewing into Domino’s sales.

Fast-casual chains like the Lebron James-backed Blaze Pizza are rapidly expanding and could soon prove to be meaningful threats. Blaze, which has more than 300 locations, is also considering an IPO.

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