‘Doomsday capitalists’ are buying up old missile bunkers and creating luxury condos

As the number of disaster preppers grows larger -- and more intense -- developers are converting old missile bunkers into luxury, apocalypse-proof condos.

Real estate developers are building luxury condos 15 stories below ground, catering to people who fear imminent disaster on the earth’s surface — and who have the money to buy a Plan B underground.

‘Doomsday capitalists’ are buying up old missile bunkers and creating luxury condos

According to a report from The New York Times, some of these bunkers sell for as much as $18m and feature amenities including heated pools and rifle ranges — and many developers are only getting started. 

These aren’t your grandpa’s bunkers…

OK, well… in some cases, actually they are — many of these new high-end apocalypse-proof condos are built inside old underground missile silos that were built during the Cold War in the 1960s. 

But they look very different. One underground development in Kansas, Survival Condo, features fake windows with digital screens, underground water slides and dog parks, and storerooms for weapons and food. 

Survival Condo units, which start at $1.3m, all sold within months of hitting the market.

But the bunker boom is just beginning

Larry Hall, the developer behind Survival Condo, is building a 2nd complex in Kansas, and another developer is converting 575 former weapons cellars in South Dakota into “the largest survival community on earth.”

Members of the bunker-buying community convene at PrepperCon and more than a dozen other disaster-preparedness expos and conventions across the country.

For preppers who want to bunker on a budget, there are also at-home bunkers and other resources available for purchase online.

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