Dyson pushes forward on its promise to bring the world another electric vehicle

Dyson is furthering its steps toward E-V production, as the company has invested in a massive airfield to run test drives, and it plans to have vehicles on the market by 2021.

Last year, we nearly leaped over our office Dyson fan when the premiere brand for all things sucking and blowing announced a $2.7B electric-vehicle program to produce a car and signature battery.

Dyson pushes forward on its promise to bring the world another electric vehicle

Now, they’ve finally announced some headway: The company unveiled plans to turn an old airfield into its vehicle testing site.

We imagine it’s a littttle bigger than their vacuum-testing site

The new “technology center” is located at the former Hullavington Airfield in England, and will soon be strapped to the nines with engineering work spaces and over 10 miles of test track.

Dyson is joining a list of traditional (and non-traditional) competitors navigating the roads of an increasingly crowded race to the electric-car finish line.

Volkswagen AG, Daimler AG, and General Motors all plan to offer electric vehicles starting early next year, encroaching on Tesla’s turf.

But Dyson ain’t far behind

Dyson said on Thursday it expected to be on the road around 2021 (that’s is a year longer than what James Dyson claimed last year… just saying).

And, as Bloomberg reports, their plans to grow prove they’re putting the pedal to the metal: The company hopes to add another 300 positions to an already strong 400-person automotive team currently working from the airfield.

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