Fitbit outsteps Apple to outfit Singaporian health initiative

Fitbit scored a contract to supply Singaporeans with fitness tracking, which could provide much-needed recurring revenue for its fight against Apple.

Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for Fitbit


Fitbit announced a first-of-its-kind public health partnership in which the pedometer pioneer provide “free” health trackers to citizens of Singapore. 

According to Fitbit CEO James Park, the deal could result in bands on more than 1m Singaporean wrists.

Start steppin’, Singapore!

Next month, Singaporeans can register to receive a Fitbit Inspire HR… if they commit to paying $10/month for a year of Fitbit’s coaching services (that’s more than the cost of the band, which retails for $99.95). 

Users will also be asked to consent to sharing their health data with Singapore’s Health Promotion Board. 

Singapore boasts the world’s longest life expectancy — 84.8 years, baybee — and a renowned healthcare system. But with heart disease and diabetes on the rise, the city-state hopes to help people adopt healthier habits … and avoid higher healthcare costs.

The deal is helping Fitbit get back in shape, too

Fitbit was once the biggest name in wearables, but it’s been hurt by competition from the Apple Watch and other cheaper models.

But this Singaporean partnership signals a shift in direction for Big ’Bit: By focusing on services, Fitbit hopes to create some recurring revenue — a crucial step towards realizing its 2019 revenue projection of $100m.

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