Fortune 500s skip big consultancies… and ask college clubs for crypto advice instead

Frustrated by a lack of industry experts, large companies are turning to college kids for help building out their blockchain technology.

Enterprise companies are finally jumping on the blockchain bandwagon. But, without traditional “experts” to turn to for help, big business is heading back to school to learn how not to be a (blockchain) fool.

Fortune 500s skip big consultancies… and ask college clubs for crypto advice instead

Founded in 2014, a student group called Blockchain at Berkeley is beating out giants like IBM, Accenture and McKinsey to consult for companies like Qualcomm, Mercedes Benz, and Airbus.

“That’s what we love about crypto-geniuses…” 

We keep gettin’ older, they stay the same age… A 2017 study found that 28% of large enterprises are considering blockchain technology, yet only 3% are actually using it — in part, because no one actually knows how.

But who actually understands blockchain? Answer: college kids.

In fact, when announcing new blockchain regulations, the SEC turned to Blockchain at Berkeley, which consists mostly of sleep-deprived undergrads working between classes “for the experience,” to host its conference.

Blockchain may be on the 5-year plan, but it will graduate eventually

While college blockchain clubs may be the best option for businesses today, blockchain-specific consultancies — many of them founded by B@B alums — are beginning to fill the void.

In addition to UC Berkeley’s pioneering program, schools like Carnegie Mellon, MIT and Duke are also establishing blockchain programs in an effort to send their students to join Berkeley at the helm of a new generation of blockchain consultancies.

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