Fame, fortune, f*ck: FuckJerry is now an Emmy nominee thanks to Fyre Fest

Fuck Jerry could win an Emmy for its role in the production of the Netflix Fyre Fest documentary.

We’ve all seen the competing Fyre Fest documentaries between Hulu and Netflix. But, on Tuesday, only one was nominated for an Emmy — 4 in fact. And the ad firm behind the notorious fest is positioned to capitalize.

Fame, fortune, f*ck: FuckJerry is now an Emmy nominee thanks to Fyre Fest

Along with other contributors, Jerry Media (@fuckjerry) was nominated for its role in producing the Netflix Fyre Festival documentary, FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened.

But should a company partially responsible for one of social media’s most infamous scams be rewarded?

Also… who the f*ck is Jerry?

FuckJerry has stood atop the internet’s meme-heap since Elliot Tebele created the IG page in 2011. 

But the company has been no stranger to cultural controversy.

The company, which comedian Vic Berger once described as “an advertising company masquerading as a ‘meme page,’” was built on uncredited jokes stolen from other people’s social media accounts (remember #FuckFuckJerry?)

Jerry Media has also come under fire for charging over $75k for a single branded post.

Then came the FYRE

Jerry Media was majorly responsible for spreading awareness for the scam in event’s clothing and led to nearly 5k people paying between $1.5k and $250k for tickets.

Jerry Media’s non-disclosed social media campaign, which involved countless big name supermodels, got every bro from Pittsburgh to Paris ready to wild out on Pablo Escobar’s island — a move that got the supermodels subpoenaed by the FTC for illegal advertising.

And according to The Fashion Law, Jerry Media could be next.

Somehow, Netflix still made Jerry Media a producer on the doc

Stranger still, Jerry Media had lots of control over the documentary: According to the New Republic, the CEO of Jerry Media claimed to have “final cut” responsibility for the documentary — a freedom these days that not even the likes of Spielberg is awarded (OK, maybeee Spielberg).

On the flip, Jerry Media had no involvement in the making of the competing Hulu doc, which had — naturally — a more critical take on the company’s role in the event.

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