Fertility startup Future Family welcomed a new, $10m Series A into the world

A fertility subscription startup that helps families afford expensive fertility methods just raised $10m in a Series A funding round.

Future Family, a startup that helps would-be families afford expensive fertility services like in vitro fertilization (IVF) and egg freezing, raised a $10m Series A to expand its offerings.

Fertility startup Future Family welcomed a new, $10m Series A into the world

For many women and families, fertility treatments are prohibitively expensive. But by providing financing and counseling, Future Family and other fertility startups hope to change that.

Fertility costs a fortune

IVF usually costs between $12k and $20k, and egg freezing costs an average of $11k, if everything goes well. But, multiple rounds end up costing $100k+ out of pocket (standard insurance doesn’t cover fertility).

Some deep-pocketed employers are willing to foot the bill — Apple and Facebook cover the cost of fertility treatment up to $20k, and Google will pay up to $75k

But if you don’t have a disposable $100k or work for Google, you’re pretty much out of luck — for now, at least. 

Eggs for the people

Future Family wants to make fertility services more accessible with installment plans, allowing women and families to pay between $195-$250/month over the course of 5 years for an IVF ‘subscription.’

The service works out to $15k over 5 years. Not much cheaper overall, but it provides women with constant telehealth support from fertility nurses and counselors — and a more flexible payment option.

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