Gen Z creators are making money on Fanfix

A platform for Gen Z creators says its users average ~$70k a year.

As a potential TikTok ban looms, Fanfix is successfully courting Gen Z creators looking to monetize their fan bases.

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Fanfix was founded by Harry Gestetner, Simon Pompan, and influencer Cameron Dallas in 2021, and acquired by SuperOrdinary — which connects brands, creators, and buyers — in 2022 for $65m.

Creators who already have 10k+ followers can apply and, if accepted, charge fans $5-$50/mo. for paywalled content, or up to $500 for private DMs. Creators keep 80%, per TechCrunch.

Fanfix is akin to Patreon or OnlyFans, except it targets fans 13-24, so there’s absolutely no nudity allowed and moderators review DMs.

Do people really pay up?

It’s hard for me — a cranky millennial — to see why anyone would pay to watch strangers — even hot strangers — go to Starbucks. But Gestetner told Forbes that Gen Z has grown up with a deluge of free content and now craves exclusivity.

Creator Savannah Demers (who tells good dad jokes, btw) told TechCrunch her ~2.1k fans have earned her ~$13.5k per month at $8/mo. — not including tips or messages. Netflix starts at $6.99/mo.

Fanflix also claims:

  • It has 10m+ users, including 3k creators
  • Creators average ~200 fans and an annual income of $70k
  • It’s paid out $11m to creators this year so far and expects to pay $50m by year end

The SuperOrdinary acquisition didn’t hurt either

SuperOrdinary partners with 140+ brands and has an influencer-curated ecommerce platform, GalaGala.

Basically, they’re going all-in on the Gen Z creator economy — and it appears to be working.

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