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EMAILED ON January 29, 2018 BY Wes Schlagenhauf

Let’s get social: Google is testing a local news app called Bulletin

Mom, Google’s testing social tools again…

This time it’s called Bulletin: an app that will allow anyone to publish local news stories, happenings, or events going on in their neck of the woods.

According to Google, the app is for posting photos, video clips, or good old fashioned bloggin’ prose to specific communities via the web, kinda like… a Facebook group.

What does it all mean, Basil?

Google is really pushing the community aspect with the app. Giving a platform to locals who want to let their community know the goings on around their area — much like a local newspaper would. 

With the platform, they hope to regulate the rate at which viral or “fake” news travels, mainly by keeping it downhome. Like, BREAKING: Feral coyote caught roaming Clementina Street. Passersby beware, or, anyone seen my bike?? *facepalm meme* 

For now, the local interest platform is only testing in Nashville (TN) and Oakland (CA).

Google: the unsocialer

Google is… well, Google. But for all that the search engine powerhouse is, it is not historically adept at creating social platforms. 

Remember Google +? They spent a ton of cash in their failure to try to turn gmail into Facebook, and that was one of their more successful attempts.

That said, in a time when “fake” news fatigue seems to be flooding the figurative and literal streets, this could be just the hyperlocal outlet the doctor ordered.

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