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EMAILED ON May 9, 2018 BY Lindsey Quinn

Here’s what you missed at Google’s State of the Internet: From John Legend to JOMO

Yesterday, was the kickoff of Google I/O, the annual 3-day tech festival where Google unveils the new tech it will use to take over the world.

According to Google, here’s what you will hear, see, and feel with all of their new tech:

John Legend is here to talk you… but only if you ask politely

Google’s revamped assistant talks to you (and to other people over the phone) in 6 human-sounding voices — soon to include John Legend’s.

Also, a “Pretty Please” feature prevents the assistant from responding to you unless you use the magic word.

You’re about to see the world in a whole new way

Visual tech features help you:

  • Turn your walk to the ice cream store into a video game.
  • Identify the building in the background of your selfie.
  • Add some color to your grandpa’s prom pic.

Also, Google wants you to feel the JOMO 

An upgraded “Time Spent” initiative helps you keep track of (and limit) how much time you spent using various apps, an effort to help you feel the “joy of missing out” — you know, JOMO.

Other “digital well-being” features include “Shush” (to ignore people) and “Wind Down” (to sleep).

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