Healthtech just keeps getting cooler

Wearables, groundbreaking medications, and so much more.

When people discuss health on our X feeds, it often involves cold plunges, Athletic Greens, or Andrew Huberman.

A woman in a hairnet, goggles, surgical mask, and white lab coat looking into a microscope with a strand of DNA on a blue background.

But, beyond the workout routines and testosterone parties, groundbreaking advancements are occurring in the health care industry every day.

Seriously: The FDA approved 55 new drugs in 2023, the second-highest number in the last 30 years.

And you better believe we’ve been taking notes.

Wild wearables

  • Researchers are developing wearable devices to wirelessly monitor body sounds, like air moving in the lungs, heartbeats, or food in the GI tract. The wearables would be the first to allow providers to continuously monitor patients’ body sounds remotely.
  • Chronic itching affects millions of people but can be difficult to quantify. A new wearable ring measures the frequency and intensity of a patient’s scratching by recording finger vibrations and arm accelerations.

Life-changing treatments

  • Last month, the FDA approved the first treatment that uses CRISPR gene-editing tech. (A big deal!) The drug was one of two approved for treating sickle cell disease, a serious genetic blood disorder affecting ~100k Americans.
  • Over in the underresearched women’s health world, a new study identified the GDF15 hormone as a cause of morning sickness. About 70% of pregnant people get morning sickness and up to 3% suffer from a severe type that can be fatal. Researchers suggest preemptive hormone treatments could alleviate the issue.

And so, so, so much more

  • An ultrasound bra that can send real-time breast screening data to a user’s phone to detect cancer earlier.
  • A new male contraceptive that uses an injectable hydrogel for a fully reversible vasectomy.
  • This wearable ultrasound patch that can image organs and accurately determine how full a bladder is.
  • A high-tech mouthguard that could help prevent concussions.

All of this and we didn’t even touch on — y’know — that whole brain implant thing.

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