$3B mapping company Here is making moves with Naver Labs

A $3B mapping and locations platform just joined forces with a 3D mapping company to map indoor spaces.

Here, the massive, 33-year-old map-tech platform no-one’s heard of, has agreed to a robotics partnership with Naver Labs to expand their autonomous indoor mapping coverage using 3D technology.

$3B mapping company Here is making moves with Naver Labs

Naver Labs specializes in image-recognition robots and indoor mapping technology, which Here plans to use to generate and update the maps on their platform automatically — and ultimately, sell those maps to companies developing autonomous tech.

What’s the deal with Here?

Previously owned by Nokia, the mapping and location services company sold for $2.8B to the Audi, BMW, and Daimler car consortium in 2015.

Since then, other high-profile companies have sneakily bought in, including Intel, who purchased a 15% stake in Here at the beginning of last year to improve their autonomous car tech.

And now, Here we are… 

Naver Labs’ 3D indoor mapping robot will collect data using laser scanners and cameras that it will then upload to Here’s platform, while another Naver Labs Droid named “Around” will roam the given area to keep information current.

The pair will start mapping high-traffic areas like airports and train stations first, with plans to expand. And, once the maps exist on Here’s platform, can sell ‘em for big bucks to companies building out location-based apps or other autonomous services that rely on indoor navigation.

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