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EMAILED ON March 9, 2018 BY Wes Schlagenhauf

Out with the heels, in with the comfort: High heel sales are down

Times are changing. Workplaces are getting more casual, Vans are cool to wear at dinner, and people, whether working at home or an office, are increasingly more aware of their movement — because fitness trackers.

As a result, high heels got shoved to the back of the closet last year: Sales dropped 12%, with one-third of the pointy products marked down by an average 47%. 

In the early 2000’s, heels were at their highest, literally 

Oddly enough, an IBM analysis from a few years ago found that, during economic downturns, heel sizes typically spike. 

In 2009 (the height of the economic crisis), the median height of women’s heels peaked at 7 inches, and by 2011 it had dropped to 2.

The theory is that, the worse off the market, the more stressed people are, and the greater their desire to buy and wear exotic shoes with higher heels as a means of escape.

Does this mean the economy’s about to go through the roof??

Remains to be seen. But, there’s no question that the rise in high-end “athleisure” clothes has more people opting for practicality and comfort. 

Women’s sneaker sales rose nearly 37% last year, with “sport leisure” shoes leading the charge, raking in $9.6B from US consumers.

We’re just waiting for a Croc comeback…

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